Immersive Paradigm Shifts & Futures



Asking Questions

I’m your Thought Partner and Strategist.

Together we challenge conventional frameworks, thoughts and ideas.

To generate fresh perspectives and bring future spaces into the now. 

In the form of installations, workshops or strategic advisory boards.


Creating the Next

We live in an increasingly digital world. Being interconnoisseurs, serialpreneurs and multifacettes

These zeitgeist phenomenas enable and demand a new kind of organisation. 

I’m your Co-Entrepreneur. From finding the missing talent to building new business units or co-creating an entirely new company.




Digital and future proof

With you, I innovate and digitalise your operation

Let’s look at your operation as a complex generative form, an organism. It's equipped with a natural capacity to transform, once the profound structure is set and the sweet spots are in place.

Hands on, I prepare with you the things to come.



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